The reason for our success can be summed up in one word - commitment. We are commited to our customers. My team undergoes rigorous techinal training and have substantial customer support behind them. I hand pick and train my painters, ensuring active evaluation on their skills and work ethic. As our valued customer, you are ensured complete satisfaction. For every project I complete, I will not move on to the next project until I obtain a signature from you, stating that you are entirerly satisfied with the work I have completed. In addition, I will always be asking you for your candid comments during each step of the project to ensure satisfaction throughout the job's entirety and for any concerns to be alleviated. As well, we have one of the most extensive Safety-Training Programs in the industry, investing tens of thousands of dollars into the training, testing and certification of each painter that works within our organization before they step on a jobsite. Our team also provides a 3-year warranty on all vertical surfaces.